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Experienced Developer currently working for and specialising in JavaScript (Node.js), Java and PHP.

Work Experience

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Module Lead - Web Tech

Working on core serving platform using back-end technologies like PHP and Node.js, data architectures like Redis and MSSQL and client-side scripting with optimised vanilla javascript.

Part of the Ad-serving team at responsible for serving various ad products like Contextual Ads, Real-time server-side and client-side Bidding Systems, Mobile Ads and more, serving millions of impressions a day.

Co-Founder & Chairperson - CodeLabs CRCE (2015 - Present)

CodeLabsCrce is an innitiative to enhance the coding skills of the students in the college. It aims at inculcating a spirit of competitive coding i.e. to persue programming as a sport which will help the students get placed in their dream company with purely technical jobs.

Developer Intern - Simple Solutions (2014 - 2015)

Developed a health management based android application backend using REST APIs and JSON from scratch with high concurrently and scalability.

Latest Projects

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Mega-Tic-Tac-Toe - Android

TicTacToe rejuvenated !!

Mega TicTacToe is the enhanced version of the popular game TicTacToe. It consists of a 9x9 board, which is grouped into 9 sections making it essentially a 3x3 arena. Each group is a 3x3 arena in itself. The goal is to not only conquer the group arena but to win the game as a whole !

Developed using Java for the Android ecosystem. Also developed a medium level BOT for single player mode feature.

Check Out the App on the Google Play Store!

Other Projects

Tree Leveled Cipher Open Source

Developed using JAVA, Tree Leveled Cipher is an Encryption and Decryption Mechanism derived from the concept of binary trees and level-order traversal of binary trees.

View on GitLab

Chatbox : A communication based Android Application

Persued as a part of the course Mobile Communications and Computing, Chatbox is an android application that allows for a one-to-one chating service. It uses technologies like the REST APIs and JSON.

FlappyBird : An OpenGL based Game Open Source

This game uses concepts of Computer Graphics and is made using the GLUT libraries in C.

View on GitLab